Hola. I am Ram贸n 馃憢馃徏

I am passionate about web development, how to solve problems, play video games and watch many movies with my wife.

who is Ram贸n?

a short intro

I am a front-end web developer living in Ecuador, for 8 years I started my professional career in a development company where we work with a large amount of accounting software.

After a few years, I joined development communities and participate in various javascript related events.

Currently I offer professional advice for companies and developers, participate in open source projects, write in technology blogs and I am beginning to mentor my friends

Soon I hope to help more people

what i do and my process

I adjust to your budget.

Each project begins by analyzing the needs and the budget the client's.

After that I open vscode and magic starts, I work with javascript-based technologies, mainly in React / React Native.

If you want to know more about my work you can contact me.

My children and my wife.

What do I do when I am not working

In my spare time I play video games with my kids and my wife, we like to play Crash Team Racing on ps4. Elian (6 years), Jandry (12 years) plays with us while Emily (2 years) watches us, she is still too young to play.

When my children sleep, with my wife we sit for long hours on the sofa to watch television while we eat snacks or prepare something quick to eat.

I also like to participate in meetups or workshops that I can, write in a blog or chat with people online about technology. Many times I visit my father on the weekends.

You can find me quickly on Twitter.